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Bibliography of Works


Published by


Upton and Company,




With a Brief History of the Company


1864 – 1916



Compiled by Tony Millett



 Takapuna, Auckland






A brief history of Upton and Company



William Brown Upton, eldest son of Henry Upton and Rebecca Tasker, was born in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire in 1840 [1].  He emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 18, arriving in Auckland on 21 December 1858 on the ship Evening Star [2].  By 1864 he had established a bookselling business in Auckland, in which enterprise he was later joined by his younger brother John Henry Upton (1845-1929) when he arrived in Auckland on 4 December 1866 on the ship Chile [3].


The firm went under a number of names –  Upton, Upton Brothers, W. B. & J. H. Upton, and Upton & Co., and was located at several addresses.  On 17 February 1865 “Upton & Co., wholesale and retail booksellers, stationers, music sellers, and fancy repository” begged to announce that they had opened “three doors below the Brunswick Hall, Queen-street, Auckland” [4].  On 1 September 1870 it was announced that “Uptons, booksellers & stationers have removed to premises in Canada Buildings, between Messrs. Cosgrave and Co.’s and Mr. Short’s” [5];  the Canada Buildings  were (at least in 1873) at 108-110 Queen Street, north of Durham Street [6].  Queen Street was frequently renumbered, and various Auckland directories gave locations as 122 Queen Street [7], 106 Queen Street [8] and 102 Queen Street [9].  Most Upton & Co. newspaper advertisements did not include street-numbers, but between 14 May 1885 and 27 November 1894 [10] those that did gave the address as 102 Queen Street (although, confusingly, between 4 and 23 July 1885 the street-number was given as 162 – probably a misprint for 102).  From 9 January 1896 until 17 June 1916 those few Upton & Co. newspaper advertisements that gave the street address gave 158-160 Queen Street [11], which was between Vulcan Lane and Durham Street East [12].


William Brown Upton died on 12 September 1870 at the age of 29, and the Daily Southern Cross carried the following obituary:


Quite a gloom was cast over the whole community yesterday by the death of Mr. W. B. Upton, senior partner of the firm of Upton Brothers.  Mr. Upton was generally respected and esteemed, no less for his sterling qualities as a citizen than for excellence of his character as a business man.  Devoted to his business as he was, he had displayed great enterprise and rare skill in providing for the wants of the reading portion of the community, and the brother who survives him will, we feel sure, often miss the judiciousness, discernment, and rare business capacity which had been chiefly instrumental in achieving that success, from the full enjoyment of which Mr. Upton is cut off.  The firm had only recently removed into more commodious premises, and it is believed that the worry and excitement attendant upon the work of arranging the new premises caused the illness from which Mr. Upton died.  Though by no means of a robust constitution, he always displayed remarkable industry, his devotion to business rendering him perhaps less careful with regard to his health than was prudent.  He leaves a wife and young family to mourn his untimely death, and his memory will be reverenced by a very large circle of friends who had learned to respect him.[13]


John Henry Upton, in addition to his many other duties as company director, city councillor, synodsman and chair of innumerable committees and organisations (including being Mayor of Auckland from 18 December 1889–16 December 1891), continued to manage the bookshop (from 1 March 1871 in partnership [14] with his brother-in-law William Gorrie, 1840-1911) until about 1909, when management passed to his sons Parker Tasker Upton (1877-1955) and Selwyn Upton (1878-1922).  The “ailing” [15] firm was sold to Whitcombe & Tombs in June 1916.  Auckland newspapers carried the following reports of the sale:


Big Book-Selling Business Changes Hands.  Purchased by Whitcombe and Tombs.


One of the oldest businesses of Auckland city changed hands yesterday, when the bookselling and stationery establishment of Messrs Upton and Co., of Queen Street, was taken over by the equally well known southern house of publishers and booksellers, Messrs Whitcombe and Tombs.


It is the intention of the new proprietors almost immediately to commence the erection of fine new premises at the corner of Queen and Durham Streets, to which the present business will be transferred as soon as they are completed.  Meantime the business will be continued as usual, excepting that the purchasers take over immediate control.  The management of the business will be under the personal supervision of Mr. B. E. H. Whitcombe, the general manager of the company, who is at present in London, but is expected to return about October.


The passing of Messrs Upton and Company’s business will be of considerable sentimental interest to old residents, for, established more than fifty years ago by Mr W. B. Upton, who was joined in 1866 by his brother, Mr J. H. Upton, and who died in 1870, its name is now familiar to three generations of Aucklanders.  The repute of the old firm is not confined to Auckland, but extends throughout the Dominion, for the wholesale department of the firm has been an important branch of its activities.  The retail trade of the firm was very extensive, and one of its specialties which has brought its name into considerable prominence has been the sale of educational works and the encouragement of the demand for high-class literature.  Mr J. H. Upton retired from the firm about seven years ago.  Since then it has been conducted by his sons, Messrs P. T. and S. Upton.  Mr J. H. Upton has been closely identified with many of the leading commercial activities of the province.  He is the acting-chairman of directors of the Bank of New Zealand, and as a director of other leading mercantile companies has occupied the position of chairman of the Auckland Gas Company, the South British Insurance Company, the Northern Steamship Company, the Northern Roller Mills, and is on the directorate of several other concerns.  Amongst Anglican churchmen Mr Upton’s is a prominent name;  for, as a member of the Diocesan Trust Board and other lay organisations of the Church, he has rendered long and useful service.[16]


Auckland Business Sold.  Messrs. Upton and Company.


The bookselling and stationery business of Messrs. Upton and Co., of Queen Street, has been disposed of to Messrs Whitcombe and Tombs, publishers and booksellers, who have branches at present at Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.  The building operations which have been decided upon by the purchasers will involve an expenditure of 18,250.


The business of Messrs. Upton and Company was established more than 50 years ago.  The founder of the firm was Mr. W. B. Upton, who died in 1870.  Four years before his death he was joined by his brother, Mr. J. H. Upton, who carried on the business until he retired about seven years ago, leaving the management of the firm’s affairs to be conducted by his sons.


Mr. J. H. Upton became associated with many leading commercial enterprises.  He is acting-chairman of the directors of the Bank of New Zealand during the absence from the Dominion of the chairman, Mr. Harold Beauchamp.  He is chairman of directors of the Auckland Gas Company, and has occupied a similar position on the directorate of the South British Insurance Company, the Northern Roller Mills and the Northern Steamship Company, of which and other concerns he is at present a director.[17]


In addition, the following advertisement appeared in Auckland newspapers:


Messrs. Upton and Co. desire to intimate that they have sold their business to Messrs, Whitcombe and Tombs, Ltd., as from the 15th instant, and ask for Messrs, Whitcombe and Tombs, Limited, a continuation of the patronage so generously bestowed on them during the past fifty years of their establishment in Auckland. [18]


Whitcombe & Tombs, which advertised itself as “successors to Upton & Co.” [19], closed the old premises on 7 June 1917 and re-opened in its new building on the corner of Queen Street and Durham Street East on 11 June 1917. [20]


During its life of about 52 years the firm of Upton & Co. Booksellers & Stationers played an important role in the Auckland of its time.  As well as selling books, magazines, music, stationery and fancy goods, the shop sold tickets to theatre productions, local shows, concerts, lectures, balls and events, was an art union agency, and a location where tender and other documents could be inspected by the public and messages left for collection. Its Queen Street window was a focal point for the display of all manner of artefacts, art works and items of community interest.  The company was actively involved in the affairs of Auckland, and a frequent contributor to a very wide variety of fund-raising activities.


Upton & Co. was also an important New Zealand publisher, as the following bibliography attests.







Works are arranged chronologically by publication date.


Titles cited in A. G. Bagnall’s New Zealand National Bibliography to the year 1960 are so noted.


Most items are listed in the New Zealand National Union Catalogue database.  Where this is not so, or where details differ significantly, the source is given in a footnote.


Some works (for example record numbers 34, 40 and 58) were probably not published by Upton & Company, but have been included in this bibliography because the New Zealand National Union Catalogue or OCLC WorldCat or Upton & Co. newspaper advertisements list them as such.  The distinction between published by, printed by, distributed by or sold by Upton & Company does not appear always to have been made by cataloguers, bibliographers or the Company itself.


An author index, and list of sources checked, is included at the end of the bibliography.




Tony Millett


November 2013




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Upton & Co. 158-160 Queen Street Auckland
Upton & Co. 158-160 Queen Street Auckland

John Henry Upton (1845-1929)
John Henry Upton (1845-1929)