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Millett of Chertsey, Surrey, Family Tree:  the descendants of John Myllet (born about 1491) to the arrival of Thomas Millett (1605-1676) and family in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA in April 1635

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This file lists every person included in my Millett of Chertsey, Surrey, Family Tree.  Because it uses "poster" format, some pages are blank.  The best way to use it is to consult the Index of Individuals at the end of the document

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John Myllet, born about 1491 at Redwood, Herefordshire, married Mrs John Myllet (born about 1493 at Redwood) about 1515 at Redwood.


John Myllet, born about 1517 at Redwood, married Mrs John Myllet (born about 1519 at Redwood) about 1542 at Redwood, died 25 September 1576.


John Myllet, born about 1547 at Chertsey, Surrey, married Ann or Avice Martin (born about 1550 at Binfield, Berkshire, daughter of John Martin of Binfield) in 1572 at Chertsey, died in October 1623 at Wiston, Sussex and was buried there on 3 October 1623.


Henry Myllet, born about 1573 at Chertsey, married Joyce or Joice Chapman (born about 1577 at Chertsey, daughter of John Chapman of Chertsey and Maud Graynge, died August 1628 at Chertsey) in 1593 at Chertsey, died January 1630 at Chertsey and was buried there on 6 January 1630.  He was an attorney-at-law at Staple Inn, Holborn, London.   Henry and Joyce had nine children.


Thomas Millett (Henry’s seventh child), born about 1605 at Chertsey, married Mary Greenaway (born about 1605 at Staines, Worcestershire, daughter of John Greenaway of Staines, died on 5 June 1682 at Brookfield, Massachusetts) on 1 May 1629 at St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, emigrated in 1635 on the ship Elizabeth to Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, and died (killed by Indians) on 3 June 1676 at Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts.  Thomas and Mary had eight children, two born in Southwark, Surrey.




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An alternative genealogy was advanced by Paul C. Reed and Leslie Mahler in The American Genealogist in April and October 2000:


“The identification of the immigrant Thomas Millett as son of Henry Millett of Chertsey –based solely on the facts that Henry had a son Humphrey in Southwark and a son named Thomas – is false.  The New England immigrant hailed from Newbury, having temporarily settled in a London suburb before leaving for America”.




John Millett, born c. 1513, a prominent fishmonger of Newbury, Berkshire, died and was buried there on 19 August 1564.  He had four wives, and ten children by three of them.


William Millett (John’s second son, mother unknown), was born c. 1539 at Newbury, married Alice ?, and died c. 1587 at Newbury.  He and Alice had eleven children.  He was a mercer.


John Millett (William’s fifth child), baptised 10 April 1569 at Newbury, married Eleanor Pritchard on 2 July 1593 at Newbury.  His date and place of death are unknown.  He and Eleanor had four or possibly five children.


Thomas Millett (John’s youngest child), was baptised 24 October 1604 at Newbury, and died between 3 June 1675 (when he sold land) and 23 September 1676 (when the inventory of his estate was taken) at Brookfield, Mass.  He married on 1 May 1629 at St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Mary Green(a)way, who was baptised at Mildenhall, Wiltshire on 5 November 1605.  She was a daughter of John and Mary Green(a)way of Dorchester, Mass., and died at Brookfield, Mass. before 26 September 1682 (division of her husband's estate).


Two sons were baptised at St Saviour:  John on 6 May 1630, and Thomas on 16 August 1632.  Their father's occupation is given as “a Tayler” in the St Saviour Church Registers.





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