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Tony Millett
Tony Millett

Here are some personal details about me:


Name:                         Tony Millett

Full Name:                 Antony Percy Upton Millett

Date of Birth:            1 May 1942, Takapuna

Address:                    10 O’Neills Avenue, Takapuna,

                                     Auckland 0622, New Zealand

Telephone:                 (64) (09) 488 1321

Cell Phone:                (027) 233 1890

Email Address:

Education:                  Campbell’s Bay School, North Shore, Auckland      1947-1951

                                    King’s Preparatory School, Remuera, Auckland       1952-1954

                                    King’s College, Otahuhu, Auckland                          1955-1959

                                    University of Auckland                                              1960-1963

                                    Saint John’s Theological College, Auckland             1964-1966

                                    New Zealand Library School, Wellington                 1967


Qualifications:           B.A. (University of Auckland)                                  1964

                                    DipNZLS  (post-graduate Diploma of the

                                    New Zealand Library School)                                    1967

Awards:                      Associate of the New Zealand Library Association  1971

                                    Fellow of the New Zealand Library Association       1991

                                    Honorary Life Member, the Library and

                                        Information Association of New Zealand

                                        Aotearoa (LIANZA)                                               2005

                                    New Zealand Library Association John Harris

                                        Award                                                                     2007

                                    Honorary Fellow, University of Waikato                   2007

Occupation:               Retired                                                                  December 2005

Former Occupation:  Librarian

Former Employer:     The University of Waikato Library, Hamilton          1968-2005

     Positions held:      Senior Assistant / Assistant Librarian, Acquisitions


                                    Head of Acquisitions Department

                                    Deputy University Librarian

                                    Acting University Librarian

                                    Administration Services Manager

                                    Business and Development Services Manager


Memberships:            The Library and Information Association of

                                        New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA)

                                    New Zealand Society of Genealogists




  1. 1 May 1942:  Born at Takapuna, Auckland.


  2. 1942-1963:  Lived at 14, later re-numbered 24 Minnehaha Avenue, Takapuna.


  3. 28 June 1942:  Baptised at St Mark’s Church, Remuera.


  4. 1947–1951:  Attended Campbell’s Bay Primary School.


  5. 1952–1954:  Attended King’s Preparatory School, Remuera.


  6. 1955–1959:  Attended King’s College, Otahuhu (Parnell House).  School Certificate 1957, University Entrance 1958, Higher School Certificate 1959.  House prefect.  School librarian.


  7. 4 August 1955:  Confirmed in the Chapel of King’s College, Otahuhu.


  8. 1960–1963:  Attended University of Auckland.  Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English Literature and History) 8 May 1964.


  9. 1964–1966:  Attended St John’s Theological College, Meadowbank, Auckland.


  10. 1967:  Attended New Zealand Library School, Borthwick House, The Terrace, Wellington.  Mary Fleming Prize (for cataloguing and classification).  Dip. NZLS. (post-graduate Diploma of the New Zealand Library School) 8 December 1967.


  11. January 1968–December 2005:  Employed at the University of Waikato Library, Hamilton:  Senior Library Assistant / Assistant Librarian Acquisitions Department 1968,  Head of Acquisitions Department 1969, Deputy University Librarian 1972, Administration Services Manager, Business & Development Services Manager.


  12. 1968–1970:  Lived at 1 Dillicar Street, Whitiora, Hamilton.


  13. 1969:  Met life-long partner Sonny Te Karu.


  14. 1970–1982:  Lived at 72 Forest Lake Road, Forest Lake, Hamilton.


  15. 25 June 1971:  Associate of the New Zealand Library Association.


  16. August 1972:  Leave to study library planning and design at university libraries in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne.


  17. 1973–1975:  Member, NZLA Public Relations Committee.


  18. 3 August 1975–17 February 1976:  Study leave to visit university libraries and library book suppliers in Britain and Europe (Paris, Geneva, Interlaken, Vaduz (Liechtenstein), Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt (for Book Fair), Wiesbaden, Amsterdam, The Hague, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm), Portland (Oregon), Honolulu and Tokyo.


  19. 1977–1980:  Chair, NZLA University, College & Research Libraries Section.


  20. 1978–1979:  Member, Trustees of the National Library’s Working Group on Computer-Based Bibliographical Services.


  21. 1979–1983:  Member, NZLA Library Automation Group.


  22. September 1982:  Purchased house at 14 Chesterman Road, Riverlea, Hamilton.


  23. 1982–2005:  Lived at 14 Chesterman Road, Riverlea, Hamilton.


  24. 9 April–19 June 1982:  Visit to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, San Diego, Los Angeles and Honolulu.


  25. 1983–2005:  Member, Committee / Council of New Zealand University Librarians.


  26. 1985:  Whāngai adoption of Kawe Junior Enoka (born 19 April 1978), then aged 7.


  27. 1985–1989:  Member, NZLA Library Resources Committee (Convenor 1988–1989).


  28. 1985–1989:  Member, New Zealand Library Resources Committee.


  29. 1985–1990:  Convenor, Trustees of the National Library’s Sub-Committee on New Zealand Bibliographical Services.


  30. 1986:  Member, Working Party to Review Cataloguing in the National Library.


  31. 1987–?:  Member, NZBN Network Advisory Committee.


  32. 1988–?:  Member, Data Research System New Zealand User Group.


  33. 28 March–23 June 1989:  Visit to St Louis (to visit Data Research Associates), Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Buffalo (to visit William Hein and Co. re books and serials for Law Library), Calgary, Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Honolulu.


  34. 18 August–1 November 1990:  Visit to Los Angeles, Chicago, Britain, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto and Honolulu.  Association of Commonwealth Universities Travelling Fellowship to visit university libraries in Britain.  Attended British Council course at Newcastle-upon-Tyne on library planning and design.


  35. 28 November 1990:  General Staff Award (“in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the automation of the Library”).


  36. 1991:  Member, Kiwinet Advisory Committee.


  37. 1991–?:  Member, NZVCC’s Standing Committee on Library Resources.


  38. 1 July 1991:  Fellow of the New Zealand Library Association (“in recognition of distinguished, sustained and unstinted contribution to New Zealand librarianship, particularly relating to bibliographical, resource and networking matters”).


  39. 20 February–14 March 1992:  Visit to Los Angeles, Chicago, St Louis (to attend Data Research System Users’ Group meeting) and Honolulu.


  40. 1994–?:  Member, NZLIA / NLNZ Joint Standing Committee on Interloan.


  41. 31 March–15 May 1994:  Visit to Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Vancouver, San Francisco and Honolulu.


  42. 1994–June 2014 :  Member, NZLIA Working Group on Copyright / Copyright Taskforce / Standing Committee on Copyright (Chair 2009–June 2014).


  43. 1996?–2005:  University of Waikato Copyright Officer.  Member, NZVCC Standing Committee on Copyright.


  44. 3 October–12 December 1996:  Visit to Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Houston, New Orleans, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco and Honolulu.


  45. 1999–2004:  Member, CEIRC (CAUL Electronic Information Resources Committee).


  46. 1 October–16 November 2000:  Visit to Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco and Honolulu.


  47. 10 September 2001:  LIANZA Letter of Recognition (for “sustained and tireless effort on behalf of LIANZA and libraries in the area of copyright and, in particular, parallel importing”).


  48. 12 September 2005:  Honorary Life Member of LIANZA (“The award of Honorary Life Member is the highest award the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa can bestow on a Fellow of the Association.  It acknowledges the deep respect and admiration in which the recipient is held”).


  49. 24 December 2005:  Retired to Takapuna.


  50. December 2005–:  Lived at 10 O’Neills Avenue, Takapuna.


  51. 10 September 2007:  New Zealand Library Association John Harris Award (“in recognition of Bibliography of New Zealand Bibliographies and other bibliographies, considered to be noted published work which represents a contribution to New Zealand librarianship”).


  52. 29 November 2007:  Honorary Fellow of the University of Waikato.





    Bibliographical compilation

    Genealogical and family history research



Updated 28 July 2016

    Number Ten O'Neills Avenue, Takapuna
    Number Ten O'Neills Avenue, Takapuna

    Number Ten O'Neills Avenue, Takapuna
    Number Ten O'Neills Avenue, Takapuna