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Bibliography on Homosexuality in New Zealand, 1770-2012

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Bibliography on Homosexuality in New Zealand, 1770-2012
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Whakapapa of Te Harawira

This Bibliography, completed in March 2013, includes books, theses, reports, chapters or sections in books, serials, periodical articles, conference papers, films and videos and websites etc dealing with homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transsexualism and transvestism in New Zealand, whether published in New Zealand or overseas.  It does not include newspaper articles, articles in exclusively gay magazines, court judgments, most ephemera and archival material.  The Bibliography lists 3,251 records, with detailed author / editor and subject indexes.  Entries are arranged once only under 73 broad section headings, in chronological order by date of publication.  Further information is given in the Introduction.
The Bibliography has been created in MS Word, and may be searched using the indexes, or by pressing CTRL F and entering a search term or phrase.  Diacritics (including macrons) have been removed to facilitate searching.
The Bibliography is regularly updated and is freely available online in the National Library of New Zealand's findNZarticles datebase at[collection]=Bibliography+on+Homosexuality+in+New+Zealand&il[primary_collection]=findNZarticles.

Click here to go to the online version of this printed bibliography, published in 2013