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George Bown Millett (1842-1896)


Publications by George Bown Millett


Account of the Price family mausoleum in Madron churchyard.  Reports and Transactions of the Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society 1881-1882.  Plymouth, W. Brendon, 1882, p. 180-181.


The Bonython flagon.  Notes and Queries ser. 6 v. I, 24 April 1880, p. 345-346.

Note on a silver chalice at St Mary’s Church, Penzance, Cornwall, donated in 1670 by Blanche Bonithon.


Burial usages in Cornwall.  Notes and Queries ser. 4 v. IX, 4 May 1872, p. 358.

Details the costs of the funeral of Sarah Ustick, who died in St Just-in-Penwith, Cornwall on 23 October 1725.


The communion-plate at St. Mary’s Church, Penzance.  The Cornishman Thursday 20 March 1890, p. 4.


Cornish ditties by George B. Millett.  In Poems of Cornwall by thirty Cornish authors, edited by William Herbert Thomas.  Penzance, F. Rodda, 1892, p. 161-167.

Includes three songs:  “The Mayor of Market-Jew”, “The Zennor Mermaid” and “Paul Church Town”.


Cornish ditties.  (Written and composed by G.B. Millett).  Penzance, F. Rodda, 1892.


Excursion 1 October 1880 to Chapel Karn Brea and St Just.  Transactions of the Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society 1880-81, p. 13-21.


The family and name of Gwavas.  The Cornishman Thursday 20 September 1888, p. 4.


The first book of the parish registers of Madron in the county of Cornwall.  Penzance, Beare and Son, 1877.  140 p. with 3 photographs.


Genealogical memoranda as to the Millett family.  Penzance, March 1870.  4 p.  (Manuscript, unpublished).


Genealogy manuscript book.  (Manuscript, unpublished).


Great Panjandrum song.  Words by Samuel Foote.


Kenegie: its history and its ghosts: with an outline history, hitherto unpublished, of the Tripcony family.  The Cornishman (Penzance) Thursday 2 July 1891, p. 6.


The late Mrs. Short née Miss Millett, of St. Hilary.  One and All: a Cornish monthly illustrated journal, news-letter, and record of local history February 1869.

The Mayor of Market-jew.  The Cornishman (Penzance) Thursday 24 March 1904, p. 2.


Millett Family Tree.  1 p.  (Manuscript, unpublished).


Not forsaken:  song.  Words by the late Miss A. Pethybridge.  Music by George Bown Millett.  London, Spottiswoode & Co, 1889.  Score (6 p.)


The official guide to Penzance.  Penzance, Beare and Son, 1876.  111 p.

Edited by George Bown Millett, who also wrote the history of Penzance (p. 1-15) and compiled the notes on the climate (p. 46-56).


Old Doll Pentreath and the ancient Cornish language.  A paper read to the Penzance Antiquarian Society in Dolly Pentreath’s house at Mousehole, May 13th, 1887.  The Cornishman (Penzance) Thursday 19 May 1887, p. 4.


Old MSS. to mend, or tulle and tatters.  Notes and Queries ser. 5 v. II, 26 September 1874, p. 246-247.

Describes the use of tulle in the repair of the parchment leaves of an ancient parish register.


An old seal.  Notes and Queries ser. 5 v. IV, 27 November 1875, p. 428-429.

Query concerning a family seal in George Bown Millett’s possession, which bears the arms of Harris and Bown.


The parish registers of Gulval (alias Lanisley) in the County of Cornwall (1598-1812).  Edited, with an introduction and notes, by George Bown Millett and William Bolitho.  Penzance, Beare and Son, 1893.  172 p.;view=1up;seq=9.

Reprinted Bowie, MD, Heritage Books, 1995.


Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society:  Presidential Address.  Transactions of the Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society 1887-88, p. 339-343.


Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society:  proposals for a revival of the Society, May 1880.


Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society.  Reports and Transactions 1880-1881.  Plymouth, W. Brendon and Son, 1881.  76 p.

Report written and Transactions edited by George Bown Millett.


Penzance, past and present:  a lecture delivered at the Penzance Institute on the 13th March, 1876.  With a list of the mayors of Penzance and other additional matter.  Penzance, Beare and Son, 1876.  52 p. with 7 woodcuts.


Penzance, past and present:  a second lecture delivered at the Penzance Institute on the 25th March, 1878.  With a plan of the centre of old Penzance, and with additional matter.  Penzance, Beare and Son, 1880.  51 p.


Phillis:  Cornish song.  Written and composed by George Bown Millett.  London, Spottiswoode & Co, 1886.  Score (6 p.)


Porcelain figure.  Notes and Queries ser. 4 v. X, 3 August 1872, p. 97.

Query concerning an Oriental porcelain female figure in George Bown Millett’s possession.


The site of an ancient chapel in Penance.  The Cornishman (Penzance) Thursday 8 May 1890, p. 4.


Trelawny:  the song of the western men.  Words by Robert Stephen Hawker.  Music by George Bown Millett.  London, Spottiswoode & Co, 1886.  Score (5 p.)


Vox lapidis:  a plaint heard in Saint Mary's churchyard, Penzance.  Penzance, Beare and Son, Printers, 1882.  12 p.




Publications on George Bown Millett



Death of Mr. George B. Millett, Medical Officer of Health for Penzance.  The Cornishman (Penzance) Thursday 24 September 1896, p. 6.


George Bown Millett, L.R.C.P. Edin., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A.  The Lancet 26 September 1896, p. 618.



The late Mr. G. B. Millett.  Black and White:  a Weekly Illustrated Record and Review  26 September 1896 p. 388.



G. B. Millett.  In Wright, William Henry Kearley.  West-country poets:  their lives and works:  being an account of about four hundred verse writers of Devon and Cornwall, with poems and extracts.  London, Elliot Stock, 1896, p. 334-335.

Includes a song by George Bown Millett:  “The Mayor of Market-Jew”. 

(Market-Jew is the ancient name for Marazion, Cornwall, England).


George Bown Millett.  In Memorial biographies of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.  Boston, the Society, 1880-1908.  Volume 9 (1890-1897) p. 353-354.


Millett, George Bown.  In Boase, Frederic.  Modern English biography:  containing many thousand concise memoirs of persons who have died between the years 1851-1900, with an index of the most interesting matter.  Truro, Netherton and Worth, 1892-1921;  London, F. Cass, 1965.  Vol. 5, p. 212-213.


George Bown Millett, 1842-1896.  In The Penzance Library: celebration essays to mark 170 eventful years (1818-1988) and a centenary at Morrab House (1889-1989).  Edited by Elizabeth Sparrow and Maurice Smelt.  Penzance, The Penzance Library, 1988, p. 25.

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