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            Of Stockport, Cheshire.







              Born in 1811 at Stockport, Cheshire.


In 1829 travelled to India on the ship “Windsor”.


Married on 3 February 1836 at Madras MARY ANN O’NEIL born in 1814 (?), died and was buried on 24 March 1862 at Bangalore.


In 1836 he was a Gunner, 3rd Battalion of Artillery.  In 1842 he was a Gunner, Madras Artillery, C Company, 2nd Battalion, China Campaign.  In 1850 he was a Major, East India Company Army.


Died (of dysentery) and was buried on 28 October 1851 at Madras aged 40.


Six children, including:





Born on 8 August 1851 at Bombay, India, and baptised on 10 September 1851 at Madras.


Married (1) on 25 March 1874 at Bombay MATILDA JANE COLEMAN, born in 1848, died and was buried on 19 December 1875 at Bombay.


Married (2) on 24 September 1881 at Karachi, Bombay LUCY MARY WELCH, born on 8 November 1860 at Belgaum, Bombay, India, and died on 17 June 1921 at Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.


Worked for the Government Telegraph Department.


Died and was buried on 2 August 1910 at Karachi, Bombay aged 59.


Four children with Lucy Mary Welch.


One child with Matilda Jane Coleman:




Born on 1 May 1875 at Bombay, India, and baptised there on 9 June 1875.


Educated at Bishop Cotton School, Simla, Himachel Pradesh, and University of the Punjab, Simla.


Entered Government service on 5 February 1898.


Married on 21 August 1899 at Ferozepore, Bengal, India ALICE MAUD MARY TILLEY, born on 23 October 1878 at Ferozepore and baptised there on 13 November 1878.  She died on 16 August 1942 at Devonport, Auckland, and was buried on 17 August 1942 at Takapuna, Auckland.


On 21 October 1902 worked for the Foreign and Political Department, Government of India.


In 1919 was awarded MBE.


On 15 August 1923 arrived in Melbourne on the ship “Moldavia” from Bombay.


On 16 February 1925 retired from the position of Superintendent, Government of India Secretariat.


New Zealand electoral rolls:

1925:  159 Vauxhall Road, Devonport, Auckland, civil service (India)

1928:  159 Vauxhall Road, Devonport, Auckland, civil servant

1931:  18 Ascot Avenue, Devonport, Auckland, civil servant

1935:  18 Ascot Avenue, Devonport, Auckland, civil servant;  Clevedon Road, Papakura, Auckland, retired

1938:  Clevedon Road, Papakura, Auckland, retired

1941:  McKenzie Road, Mangere, Auckland


Died on 31 March 1946 at Devonport, Auckland, and buried at Takapuna, Auckland aged 71.


Four children, including:





Born on 13 December 1905 at Simla, Himachel Pradesh India, and baptised there on 19 January 1906.


Married on 20 December 1939 at Christ Church, Papakura, Auckland JAMES DENTITH, born on 12 December 1901 at Oldham, Lancashire, and baptised there on

4 February 1902.  He died on 26 April 1984 at Takapuna, and was buried on 30 April 1984 at North Shore Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium, Albany, Auckland.  (Norah had been a bridesmaid at James’s first wedding).


New Zealand electoral rolls:

1928, 1931:  18 Ascot Avenue, Devonport, Auckland

1935:  18 Ascot Avenue, Devonport, Auckland;  Blackbarn Farm, Clevedon Road, Papakura, Auckland

1938:  Black Barn Farm, Clevedon Road, Papakura, Auckland

1941-1981:  1 Duders Avenue, Devonport, Auckland


Died on 1 January 1990 at Auckland, and buried on 4 January 1990 at North Shore Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium, Albany aged 84.


Three children:


Allan Harrison Dentith, born on 10 January 1941 at Devonport, Auckland.


Christopher Charles Robert Dentith, born on 17 March 1944 at Devonport, Auckland.


Creina Mary Dentith, born on 12 December 1948 at Narrow Neck, Auckland.

Married on 3 May 1969 at Devonport Auckland RICHARD TRACEY MILLETT, born on 16 April 1946 at Takapuna, Auckland, youngest son of Edward Tracey Fletcher Millett (1906-1989) and Eleanor Florence Millett née Upton (1910-1973).  He died on 28 April 2010 at Waiheke Island, Auckland, and was buried on 3 May 2010 at North Shore Memorial Park Cemetery, Albany, Auckland.


            Christopher Tracey Millett, born on 15 September 1971 at Takapuna, Auckland.

            Jennifer Mary Millett, born on 29 August 1974 at Takapuna, Auckland.



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